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Denture Repair/Additions

Here at Bow Valley Denture Centre, we make all of our dentures from scratch and we are involved in the entire process of fabricating the denture.

If you cracked/fractured your denture or even broke off a tooth or two, We can fix it! These are considered a simple repair and most of the time it can be completed in an hour. For a more complex repair, it may take a few more hours. Book in to see your Denturist and find our exactly what repair is needed and what can be done so your dentures do not break again. 

Tooth Additions - Losing another natural tooth does not mean having to have a new partial denture made. Most of the time your Denturist can easily add a new artificial tooth to your existing denture. The addition only takes 2-3 hours to complete. It is preferred to have the tooth added in the morning and your extraction to be done in the afternoon. This way, the new tooth will act like a band-aid over your extraction area and aesthetics are immediately met.

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