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Complete Dentures
Complete Dentures consist of artificial teeth attached to pink acrylic. They are used when all teeth are missing on either the upper jaw, lower jaw or both. 

There are two types of Complete Dentures:

  • Immediate Dentures - Are placed right after your teeth are extracted. This ensures you are never without teeth. The denture acts like a band-aid over your extraction areas. This will allow for proper healing and will give you the ability to chew while you continue to heal. As your gums heal and shrink, the dentures will get looser. You will be booked in accordingly over the next few months to make them fit tighter. Immediate dentures are expected to last 5 years before they need to be replaced by a conventional dentures. 
  • Conventional Dentures - Are considered your replacement set or your next set of dentures. The new dentures are made while you continue to use your existing set. Precision techniques are used at Bow Valley Denture Centre to make sure they fit accurately and are aesthetically pleasing. Your Denturist will set all the teeth in wax so you can see how the dentures look before they are finished. The more feedback we get, the better! 
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