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Denture Reline/ReFit

Denture Reline is the process of making your existing denture fit better. This is done with the same material your denture is made up of (Acrylic). 


The most common reason for loose-fitting dentures is a process known as bone resorption, where the gums begin to shrink due to them no longer needing to hold your teeth in place.

On average a reline is needed every 2-3 years. Bone resorption happens at a different rate for everyone therefore, it is very important to come in for you annual check ups. Your Denturist will advice you on your reline time line so you can plan for it accordingly. ​​

The reline is completed onsite in our attached laboratory which mean less wait time for you. The entire process is done the same day so you are without your dentures only for a few hours. 

Most insurance companies cover for a reline once every 2 years. If you are not sure what your insurance covers, give us a call and we will be happy to look into this for you.

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